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Lingzhi coffee has many leading network marketing companies in the industry that have presented a healthier alternative to traditional brewed coffee. All of the products offered are 100% organic and reishi certified by China, Japan, and the European Union.

The coffee also contains the most pure form of Ganoderma Lucidum, a medicinal mushroom that has been used for over 4,000 years. All of their products are guaranteed to bring more balance to peoples lives and help them generate more income by simply spreading the word about these revolutionary coffee mixes.


Products Made With Reishi

Products Made With Reishi

Looking for products made with lingzhi? This unique mushroom has amazing health benefits for your body. There are many different products which contain it. It comes in coffee, tea, supplements, and even beaut products such as soap.

"Products Made With Reishi"...

Ganoderma Coffee

Familiar Flavor, Unusual Fix

Caffeine is known to stimulate the bodys nervous system causing an instant jolt that later on staves off and leaves a person craving for another fix. For busy workers who have to log in excessively long hours or assume projects that entail erratic schedules, the energy boost coffee provides is an indispensable benefit.

"Familiar Flavor, Unusual Fix"...

Benefits of Ganoderma

The Health Benefits

A lot of buzz has been raised about reishi thanks to its numerous health benefits. While there are several species of health mushrooms, the one that people usually refer to is lucidum, otherwise known as lingzhi mushroom.

"The Health Benefits"...



Reishi or Lingzhi mushrooms most commonly refer to two closely related species: Lucidum and Tsugae. Between the two, lucidum, or Red Reishi, is renowned in traditional Chinese medicine for its presumed positive effects on health and longevity.


Ganoderma and Your Health

Lingzhi Benefits

Also commonly referred to as reishi, lingzhi is a kind of mushroom that is hard and bitter, used to promote longevity and health in traditional Chinese medicine. Those who support the use of this mushroom claim that it can keep cholesterol levels at bay, relieve fatigue, curb hypertension, build stamina, tame inflammations, and support immune system processes.

"Lingzhi Benefits"...

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What is Ganoderma?

Reishi, also known as the King of Mushrooms, is a great Eastern mystery that was only revealed a few years ago. Through cutting-edge technology and modern science, health companies as well as their strategic partners have created healthy beverages, nutritional supplements, and skin care products that are equipped with Ganoderma Lucidum. Dedicated to maximizing the healing potentials of this ingredient, organic coffee producers conduct extensive research and product development processes to improve their growing line of lingzhi-based products.

The main processing plant for advanced reishi-based products operates according to the highest GMP standards. Through the Advanced Micro-Particle Technology, their research and development team discovered a scientific process for breaking spore cells. This guarantees organic coffee products as the world leader in producing 100% pure healthy coffee products. Although China is the original home of lingzhi, network marketing companies as well as their worldwide distributors have finally managed to spread their scientific findings to the rest of the world.

Reishi Based Products

To understand the success of these network marketing companies, you have to be aware of the different products they offer. Black Coffee, one of the flagship products, aims to awaken and excite your senses with its rich taste and seductive aroma. Aside from its freshly brewed flavor, coffee lovers also enjoy this drink because it is very convenient to prepare. Packed with the goodness of pure Ganoderma Lucidum, Black Coffee continues to give coffee lovers another reason to celebrate.

For those who enjoy thicker coffee textures, the Latte is also a great choice. Although it is a healthier alternative to calorie-laden lattes, its unique mix of Arabica coffee beans, cream, and sweetener will never fail to delight your taste buds. On the other hand, the Mocha is known as a scrumptious Liquid Dessert because of its delicious flavor and the finest cocoa varieties that it contains. Their organic green tea offers a soothing and delicious cup of tea combined with the excellent health properties of lingzhi.

Finally, their hot chocolate drink is a great option to those who want to offer their entire family with a healthier beverage that they can drink in the morning. Even children will enjoy drinking Hot Chocolate because of its rich and smooth flavor. This hot chocolate drink will surely give your kids the boost they need in order to perform well and concentrate better at school. Organic products are still the number one choice for coffee lovers and health-conscious individuals who are looking for a great alternative to their favorite brewed coffee or tea.

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